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CHAPPER healthcare – a leading global specialist pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor and services provider


What’s it like to work at CHAPPER healthcare?

CHAPPER healthcare is a leading global wholesaler of pharmaceuticals with an ambitious 10-year growth plan as part of our company vision. Our success to date is the result of more than 45 years’ experience providing medical products to our customers in over 75 countries across 6 continents.

Our team is dedicated to providing an excellent service by supporting our customers in sourcing and supplying the medicines they are looking for, whatever the environment. We supply both human and veterinary medicines to our clients, who include government ministries, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy chains, health professionals, and wholesalers. We also partner with pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing them with those services they are unable to perform in-house, such as pre-wholesale, hospital distribution and regulatory and import services.

As a dynamic, family-run company, there are multiple benefits you can expect when working for our team here at CHAPPER healthcare. We greatly value fresh thinking and are dedicated to building a culture of trust and responsibility. This means giving our employees autonomy to approach their work in a way that is best suited to their unique strengths.

Working at CHAPPER healthcare, you’ll have a number of exciting opportunities to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Our company has grown quickly in the last 45 plus years and our team’s agility has allowed us to adapt to the ever-changing industry and economic demands.

We always welcome opportunities for innovation, and what remains central is our passion for providing a culture of service excellence for our customers. Alongside this is our focus on creating an environment that promotes creativity, flexibility and growth for our employees. As a leading global wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceuticals, we’re known for our professionalism and values and rely on the diverse skills of our hard-working team.

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CHAPPER healthcare to exhibit at The Clinical Pharmacy Congress in London