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Ireland warehousing and logistics

CHAPPER healthcare Ireland

CHAPPER healthcare Ireland is an HPRA regulated pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor in Ireland.

Our subsidiary was finalised in 2020 and is strategically located close to major transport links. In Ireland, all orders are processed from a purpose-built warehouse which is licensed and approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) for the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals and offers a secure site with controlled access. We are of course GMDP (Good Manufacturing & Distribution Practice) compliant.

We provide access to the full spectrum of pharmaceutical products from OTC and prescription products through to orphan drugs and unlicensed medicines.

In addition to our HQ in the UK, we also have warehousing in Ireland, Germany and the United States.





Temperature controlled shipments

Our logistics team have many years’ experience in temperature sensitive products, regulatory compliance, customs requirements and the handling of pharmaceuticals for shipment around the globe.

We are able to meet all storage requirements including cold storage and hazardous materials. We have walk-in cold rooms for refrigerated storage between 2-8°C and storage for frozen products. We regularly export temperature sensitive products (including fridge lines, frozen and temperate items) to clients in diverse climates; for example, sub-zero conditions in winter in Northern Europe or extremely high temperatures in the Middle East in summer.

We use a comprehensive range of qualified and robust packaging solutions to effectively transport and monitor all pharmaceutical products. Validated PCM shippers are used for higher-risk temperature-controlled shipments.

Temperature Data Loggers are deployed to provide a full temperature audit trail for cold chain shipments, and we also have full UK Inventory traceability through our warehouse management system.

Temperature Controlled Shipments
Case Study

Ensuring product safety, quality and regulatory
compliance, whatever the weather

British pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor, CHAPPER healthcare, has a worldwide reputation for successfully sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical products globally. Established over 45 years ago, the company pride themselves on being global experts in shipping speciality pharmaceuticals. Below is a case study detailing our expertise in overcoming the logistical challenges of shipping medicines around the globe and the state-of-the-art packaging solutions utilised to overcome every eventuality, including the weather.

CHAPPER healthcare is able to meet all storage requirements including cold storage, and we have a specialist team in charge of managing the overall running of our warehouse and the logistics for temperature-controlled shipments of speciality pharmaceuticals.

This includes sourcing the right packaging, validated cool boxes and temperature loggers for all our shipments. The types of medicines we ship around the world range from ambient products to highly specialised temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals that require very specific packing.

Each product and its onward journey to the customer will have its own unique set of challenges that we need to be aware of and make provisions for. For example, we regularly export products that require different temperature ranges such as 15 – 25°C, 2 – 8°C, and frozen products. As a company we understand shipping processes, temperature control, customs regulations, and the sensitivities around getting products to patients on time so they can be treated.

How we ship medicines around the world to customers and suppliers

One vitally important element of the process is the correct packaging of the products. Using the right type of packaging will avoid breakages and make sure that the product is suitably protected throughout its journey, whether this is by air, sea or road. To prevent breakages, we use special boxes, which are extremely strong and durable. We do everything possible to maintain the integrity of products to ensure that nothing is broken in transit.

For example, liquids are placed in plastic bags, to prevent contamination of other products in the unlikely event of a breakage; packs of vials are bubble wrapped; and for bottles, we use corrugated tubes to protect them. It is crucial that every product reaches our customers in pristine condition.

Our temperature-controlled shipments are all packed in validated boxes. We do our own internal testing on the boxes, in addition to reviewing the manufacturer’s test data to ensure that they will maintain the correct product temperature throughout the duration of the journey. All our boxes are clearly labelled with warning labels so anyone handling them is fully aware of their delicate contents.

Another piece of technology we use for our customers are USB temperature loggers. These help us, and our clients, review temperature throughout the duration of the journey to ensure there have been no temperature excursions.

How we protect temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

The temperature-controlled boxes we use have been designed to keep their temperature for a set amount of time depending where in the world the package is travelling to.

For example, if a product is going to Europe, we may use a box which lasts for 48 hours, and if the product is going further then we will use a box which lasts up to 120 hours to ensure the temperature is controlled for the duration of the journey. We will also factor in potential flight delays and the need for products to be cleared through customs, which can all add to the length of the journey.

How we tackle the challenges of shipping products around the world

The cold weather across most of Europe can be particularly challenging. Temperatures in 2021/22 were below freezing for a number of weeks, which made it difficult to ship products correctly and ensure they did not freeze.

Pharma products are required to be stored and transported within the manufacturer’s specified temperature range. To adhere to this, CHAPPER healthcare have adopted the latest advances in temperature-controlled boxes.

This ensures we are completely prepared for all weather conditions. Some of the boxes we use are made of PCM (Phase Change Material). They can be placed in a fridge once packaged up, which is unusual as most other boxes can’t. This type of specialist packaging means we can ensure the products are kept in the correct temperature range in a fridge or if the weather is particularly cold outside.

The PCM packs go into hibernation mode if it is below a certain temperature outside, which ensures the products are kept at a constant temperature in the box and temperatures do not deviate above or below the allowed range. All our PCM boxes are reusable and we encourage clients to send them back to us, so we can repack the boxes for them – this is also important to us from an environmental perspective.

How we tailor packaging solutions when shipping products to hot countries

For hot countries we adopt similar principles as we do for cold countries to make sure temperature-sensitive products reach their final destination within the required temperature range. For extremely hot climates, such as the Middle East in summer, we will use special boxes which may have a lifetime of up to 120 hours to ensure products stay within the required temperature range.

How we tackle other logistical challenges when shipping pharmaceuticals

It is vital to ensure that all products leaving the CHAPPER healthcare warehouse have the correct paperwork, to prevent any delays in transit. For example, controlled drugs will require import and export licences.

We have also spent years developing relationships with reputable freight forwarders and couriers. The people we work with are experts in dealing with pharmaceuticals and temperature-controlled shipments and they ensure that our exceptional customer service levels are maintained until the package reaches its destination.

Through our knowledge and that of our logistics partners, we have learnt to anticipate any problems that can arise due to the specific documentation requirements of particular customs authorities.

Why customer service is so important to CHAPPER healthcare

Whether it’s a small one-off shipment or the delivery of several containers, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and supplying products safely, securely and on time. As a team we are fully aware that there is always a patient at the centre of every request. We can assure manufactures that we can manage the supply chain and ensure that their products reach their end destination in perfect condition, and on time, each and every time.

CHAPPER healthcare supply branded and generic pharmaceuticals, including orphan drugs, over the counter medicines, veterinary medicines and other medical supplies to a wide range of customers, including distributors, healthcare establishments and the end user.

Our clients say

“We‘ve been in business with CHAPPER healthcare for many years and during that time we have enjoyed their outstanding and personal service. They are a reliable supplier with high quality standards which ensures safe and problem 
free deliveries. The team is very supportive and have helped us multiple times in urgent matters and we sincerely appreciate their excellent service”.

Leading Northern European Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

“CHAPPER healthcare has been one of our preferred partners for many years. The team is experienced and supportive and it’s always a pleasure working with them. CHAPPER healthcare has great knowledge about the import and export of pharmaceuticals to different markets, and they are always positive and solution-orientated if we meet changes and difficulties.”

Leading European importer of Unlicensed Medicine

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