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Question & answer with Jonathan Chapper on rebranding to CHAPPER healthcare

CHAPPER healthcare – improving patient access to medicines across the globe

For over 40 years, Philip Chapper & Company Ltd has built up a global reputation for successfully sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical products worldwide. Now, the Watford-based company is ready to take its development to the next level and has introduced a number of changes to sustain future growth, maintain the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and, in doing so, improve access to medicines globally. CEO Jonathan Chapper explains more.

Can you tell us about the changes?

We offer a very wide range of high quality pharmaceutical products and pride ourselves on delivering an ethical and professional service to our customers and principals. We have grown considerably over the last few years, and now is the time to make the changes needed for this growth to continue. The most outwardly obvious change is to our name. Philip Chapper & Company Ltd will be changed to CHAPPER healthcare, to bring a modern approach to our brand within the healthcare industry, without enforcing an unrecognisable change upon our customers. We wanted something that reflects our heritage, but at the same time enables us to look to the future and reassure our customers on our long-term market position.

Of greater significance are the number of internal changes happening to maintain our commitment to providing excellent customer service and to improve our sourcing and purchasing. These include expanding our procurement team and strengthening our customer services and sales teams with a new management structure. Our focus is on strengthening and growing the business and evolving the services we offer. All the changes we have made internally reflect this.

What are the reasons behind the change?
Over the years we have built up a firm network of principals, distributors and customers. We have strong core values and are trusted by our valued partners. However, we recognised that it was time to build upon our reputation and grow a business that can sustain our current growth for the future. Access to pharmaceuticals is evolving and our business needs to adapt accordingly. Our new branding reflects our values – a modern company with strong ethics which is focused on improving patient access to medicines globally.

What impact will the changes have on your customers?
One significant change is a bigger team, but with team members having more specialised roles. This is motivated by our commitment to aim to give customers a best in class customer experience, an ethos which we pride ourselves on. The new structure will allow us to focus on our clients’ needs and will ultimately give them greater access to the medicines they are looking for. This can be seen in the expansion of our dedicated procurement function, which is on hand to assist with customer product requests, as an additional resource to clients’ usual company contacts.
The refocusing in approach of our account management team will also enable us to give greater emphasis to customer needs and relationships, which will also drive the quality of customer experiences. This will be backed up by an expanded and more defined management team, who are on hand to oversee the different areas of the business, but also provide scalability as we continue to grow.

What is your vision for the future?
It’s our vision to be a leading healthcare company, working globally to improve patients’ access to medicines through wholesale, exclusive distribution of our principals’ products as well as the distribution of our own products. We have worked hard over many decades to establish a strong reputation across 6 continents and are now, with the support of our customers, principals and suppliers, eager to move to the next level. This will see us simultaneously expanding our global reach, whilst working to provide our customers with the broadest range of pharmaceutical products, including the latest generation medicines. It an exciting time for us and we are extremely optimistic about the prospects of the business.

Will there be any changes to the company’s bank details and invoicing information?
No, these will remain the same for the time being. CHAPPER healthcare is a trading name of Philip Chapper & Company Ltd., so there is no need for us to change any invoicing and bank account details.

If you do have any questions at all, then please don’t hesitate to contact your usual account contact or for further details.