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Warehousing and logistics

In the UK, all of our orders are processed in our two purpose built warehouses in Watford, which is close to London, Heathrow airport and other major transport links. Both warehouses are licensed and approved by the MHRA and Home Office and offer a secure site with controlled access. We are of course GMDP (Good Manufacturing & Distribution Practice) compliant.

In addition, we have also opened European hubs in Ireland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. The opening of the new hubs will mean that we can handle products without them entering the UK, thus reducing the overall time it takes for medicines to get to the end user. This is an extremely important move for us as it gives us greater presence in Europe where a lot of our key clients are based, helping us service customers’ needs more efficiently.

We use a wide range of reliable couriers and freight forwarders, and offer a variety of freight options – road, sea or air, depending on the circumstances and our client’s preferences. We can receive and consolidate products in our warehouses before sending in one shipment to drive down the freight cost for our customers.

Our logistics team have many years’ experience in temperature sensitive products, regulatory compliance, customs requirements and the handling of pharmaceuticals for shipment around the globe, including the emerging markets.

We are able to meet all storage requirements including cold storage and hazardous materials. We have a walk-in cold room for refrigerated storage between 2-8°C. We regularly export temperature sensitive products (including fridge lines, frozen and temperate items) to clients in diverse climates, for example, sub-zero conditions in winter in Northern Europe or extremely high temperatures in the Middle East in summer.

Temperature Data Loggers are deployed to provide a full temperature audit trail for cold chain shipments and we also have full UK Inventory traceability through our warehouse management system.

Ensuring product safety, quality and regulatory compliance, whatever the weather

“The logistics team at CHAPPER healthcare are very efficient and make special arrangements to ensure our hospitals gets the medicines on time.”

Leading regional pharmaceuticals distributor

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